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Children's Bread


Equipping the nations to walk in intimacy and authority


Our Mission

At CBI our mission is to provide a platform for spiritual growth in the areas of intimacy with God and in the authority that He has given His children to walk in.  We believe growth comes from not only hearing the Word of God but also by being a doer of the Word.  It's when we step out of our comfort zone and take risks that accelerated growth takes place.  Whether being stretched on one of our mission trips while praying for miracles, healing and deliverance with people or attending our healing or worship schools people are going to new levels in God.

Called to the Nations

Children's Bread is called to disciple the nations.  We do this by working with key leaders in the nations that God has directed us to.  We also work with local worship teams by training them to lead their congregations into the presence of God.  We started a healing room in Belize which provides a place where those needing physical or emotional healing in the community can come and receive prayer.  We are anticipating opening more of these as the Lord leads.  CBI also works in remote villages preaching the gospel of the Kingdom in Churches, working with children through VBS or teaching in the schools.  We provide school supplies, sandals and teaching materials to many poor areas around the world.

Connected to a local body

CBI does not act alone.  We are deeply connected to The Mission Church and consider ourself an extended ministry of the church.  Without this covering we would simply not exist.   Our vision was birthed out of The Mission Church's calling to the nations. We feel it is important to be both accountable and available to our local body of believers!  

The Name

Children's Bread International is a name the Lord gave to me (Danny) years ago while I was working as a bread man.  I had to come up with a name for the company and I heard the Lord say "Children's Bread".  He then told me that just as I delivered physical bread to people that I would soon take the Bread of Heaven to the peoples of the earth.  Matthew 25:22-28 speaks of healing and deliverance being the children bread.  In the Lord's Prayer we see Jesus praying "Your kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" and in the same breath "give us this day our daily bread".  I believe that the "daily bread" is when we access the things of heaven and pull them to earth.  Isaiah 55:2 says "Why do you spend money for what is not bread..... Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good".   We need to eat of the bread of  heaven.  We do this by listening to His voice.  Our prayer is that when we minister, the Bread of Heaven would manifest in Healing, deliverance, heavenly encounters and people hearing the voice of God.

From a commentary: [children's bread] Jews were the first children of the kingdom (Mt. 8:12). Their bread here refers to the benefits that the Messiah was to bring to them, which included salvation for the body, soul, and spirit-- salvation from sin, sickness, demons, and satanic powers. These are family rights, legal rights, promised rights, human rights, Divine rights, and redemptive rights of all children of God. Children can have whole loaves if dogs can have crumbs (Mt. 7:7- 11 17:20; 21:22; Mk. 9:23; 11:22- 24 Lk. 11:1- 13 18:1- 14 Jn. 14:12- 15 15:7, 16; 1Jn. 3:21- 22 5:14- 15).

Find where God is and get behind what He is doing.
He always wins....
— John Wimber


  • Mission Trips
  • Healing Schools
  • Worship Schools
  • Preaching and teaching
  • Healing rooms
  • Healing Crusades
  • Worship leading
  • Street Evangelism