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Already Healed

 Lisa and I went to a small village on the Guatemalan Border called Jalacte to visit a family.  While there we asked, as we usually do if there was anyone in the village sick or in pain.  They pointed us to a hut on a hill a little ways away and said that there is a lady who can't walk that lives there. As we approached the thatched house there was an older lady in the front of the house raking leaves.  As it turns out this is the lady that they thought needed healing.  She told us that she had gotten healed the first night of our crusade.  She said that some friends helped her to the front to receive prayer and that God had healed her.  What a precious lady!  She had an encounter with the love of God that she will never forget. This is what healing and miracles are all about, connecting people to the Fathers love!
Danny Green