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Sent Home to Die

This is Patti, we had the privilege of meeting her on our very first trip to Belize.  Ed who is one of my contacts and friends that lives in Orange Walk had told me that we needed to pray for one of the members of his church.  When we got to her house there was a dark and hopeless felling that all four of us on the team felt.  Patti was on oxygen and could hardly breath.   The doctors had given up hope and sent her home to die.  I remember specifically when the presence of the Lord entered her room and brought hope for a future to her.  Her eyes lit up and she asked if we could help her sit up.  She received a touch from God in her body and she knew it.  A week later we received a report that she was 100% better.  Two years later while we were holding a healing crusade in the Orange Walk area, Patti came up and testified about the healing that had taken place in her body.  It was an awesome thing to hear her side of the story years later.  God is so good.  Miracles happen instantly but healing is a process that takes place over a span of time.  What happened with Patti was a healing that began the night we were there and completed a week later. 
Danny Green