14 Pretty Feet

It's early spring and the animals are stirring, the trees are budding with fresh life and the sun is thawing the coldness of the past season. The same can be said of the Green household, as new life seems to be springing up all around us both physically and spiritually.  Our heats are stirring as we feel the nearness of our next assignment in the Kingdom of God and we are chomping at the bit to see what the coming season holds for us.

Let's start with the physical life. On June 3rd of last year Elisa and I had finished leading a worship set for a conference that The Ranch Ministries was hosting at our local church (The Mission Church).  After the service the speakers wife began to say to me "The Lord gave me a name for the baby in your wife womb." I looked at her like she was crazy or had the wrong person. Elisa and I had no intention of having another baby, and we felt our life was crazy and full enough with the four kids that we had. While this lady was saying "that we should name the baby River" and giving me the reasons why, I was quietly dismissing her and saying "boy is she missing it" under my breath. A couple of months latter, yep, we found out we were pregnant and at the time the Lady prophesied Elisa had a one week old living in her. 


God has always spoken to Elisa through numbers and for years she had been getting the number 222 or 2222 and thought it had to do with a child. Sure enough on Feb. 22, 2018 our little baby girl was born in the peace of our home with myself being the midwife or shall I say manwife! Earlier the morning she was born, I was in my office working on a book that I have been writing. While researching a particular word in the Bible that I was needing info on, the greek word number 2222 popped up on my screen. This caught my attention since the date was 2/22/2***. When I clicked on the number it was the greek word Zoe which means life. Life  was also part of the river prophesy the lady had given and Zoe was a name that we had already discussed and were fond of. So we decided a few hours after the baby was born to name her Zoe-River.   Zoe has been such a joy to the whole family, and her brother and sisters are well on the way to spoiling her already. Yesterday we sent off for her passport because this year she will be visiting several nations starting in June.



We are excited to be going back to Belize June 1-15.  I usually make 3-4 trips a year, but it's been since last February when we did our last crusades that we've been in this great nation. We will be taking all 7 of us for the two weeks. This year we will not be bussing everyone in to a central location for crusades, instead the Lord has been speaking to our hearts about the impact that local churches fin revival can have on a nation. Our aim is to release a spark of revival to as many churches as possible during the two weeks that we will be there. As of now we have around 35 churches lined up and this number is growing. I say spark because we will only be preaching one time in each church, so there will be a responsibility for each church to fan this spark into flame and if there is already a  flame then we want to throw gasoline on it to burn hotter. Belize has been a nation that has looked for revival to come from an outside source or a big meeting, but I firmly believe that it will come as the church of Belize begins to violently take hold of the Kingdom of God and walk in it. Our job on this trip will be to encourage them to do just that.  If you are interested in joining us for one or both of the weeks then contact us and let us know asap.

Once we get back from Belize we will be in full on transition mode.   God has been speaking to us for a couple of years about some other nations in the Caribbean. Late in 2016, I had a prophetic dream in which I was driving south to go to the Caribbean when I was shown an exit on the road. the road was going Southwest toward Belize and the exit went Southeast toward the Eastern Caribbean. I saw a sign that said hwy 7 and heard the Lord say take Hwy 7 it's the fastest way into the Caribbean.  The morning of this dream the kids were watching a movie called "The Incredibles" and as I walked into the room, I heard a character in the movie say "take hwy 7 it's quicker."  Between the dream that felt so real and the confirmed word hours later from the movie, we decided that we needed to go to the Northeast for a month. We figured the hwy 7 was the hwy that ran through Vermont where Elisa grew up. Now we know that this Highway 7 is the highway that the airport in Barbados is on which, is a hub for all the surrounding Islands and Guyana.  Last July, I took a small team to Guyana, a nation that God had spoken directly to both my dad and I about separately.  Guyana, though it is in South America, is considered a Caribbean Nation. I loved being in Guyana and know that it is part of my destiny.


One morning around 4 a.m. Elisa and I were woke up with a crashing sound in our living room. When I went in there I was surprised at what I saw. On our mantle above the fire place we had the word "love" carved out in wood with a map that a friend had given me of Guyana behind it. This framed map had fallen and the word love was sitting perfectly on top of the map with a lighter for the fire place also on the map. There is no way that these things would have just fallen after being up 6 months  and even more the word landing on thie map since they were in front of it plus the lighter. I felt like the Lord said that "He loves Guyana and wants to set it on fire". 

 I had the privilege to spend some time with a prophet from India named Ravi. If you have seen the movie Father of Lights he is featured on it. The first thing Ravi told me was "this nation is not your home." Something that I already knew so it was confirmation to my heart, which is the way prophesy should work. We talked about Guyana and then he looked at me and said "there is also an island that starts with the letter B that you will move to in that area." I immediately thought of Barbados since dad and I talked about how it and Guyana were connected somehow. I also thought of a friend of mine that Elisa and I sowed into, so that he could fly from Belize to Barbados for some mission work. All this to say that we have an opportunity to attend  a YWAM DTS in September that starts in Barbados then goes to Guyana and finishes in St. Vincent (another place that God has placed on our hearts).  This will require us to be gone for 6 months, but the whole family is excited and ready. The Ywam base in Barbados serves as a prayer center for the Caribbean. We have fought between what we see in the natural with taking 5 kids to another country and what we feel the Lord is saying to us. Every time that we decide that we just can't do it the Lord gives us another confirmation that we should.  One day we were in TJ Max, a clothing store, and on the radio a song comes on about Barbados, then a couple of nights latter I turn on Netflix and see a show that use to come on the one channel that we got in on tv growing up as kids. The show was cheers and it was the very first episode which happened to be about one of the main characters going to Barbados.  


Our family traveled to Barbados in early December to meet with several church leaders. While we were at the YWAM base, I went into the prayer room with the leaders of the base to pray. One of the leaders prayed over me "that God would show me if I was the missing piece the puzzle." This caught my attention since it was the same words that a lady from New Zealand had just prophesied to me when she said "God wants you to know that you are the missing piece of the puzzle." The other leader then showed me a diagram of the Barbados base vision and said that he would email it to me. it was a circular picture with different aspects of ministry on it. Two weeks latter I am in the class room at home, teaching the kids in homeschool. We took some time to be silent before the Lord to see if He would speak anything to our hearts.  After this time of soaking, Zion said, "I saw a picture of a circle inside of another circle."  My first thought was, sounds like we need to go to the donut store, but then I recalled this diagram that this leader showed me. I thought that I would test it out just in case, so I asked Zion "if there were any colors in the circle?" He said the middle circle was dark blue and the right side was light blue. I thought that I had better go back and look at the email to see what colors were on the diagram. Sure enough dark blue in the middle and light blue on the right side. What was even more interesting were the words that were in light blue "Prepare a nation" and "public proclamation"  which are the areas that we feel the most called to.  Plus it's phase one - Impact World!  


You would think that with these confirmations we would be ready to jump in, but the daily life with kids and ministry here it still seemed impossible. One other thing that was impossible was our house situation here. The Lord had told us to rent and at the time we didn't know why. We ended up finding the perfect house to rent that is owned by a missionary. He trains people in other nations to become missionaries to Muslim nations. He does this because most Muslims put up a wall to Americans, but will welcome in people from other nations. The problem with renting from him was that the contract is from April to April and they needed it this way because this is when he is in the U.S. and can get the house ready for the next renters.  It was in September that I heard the Lord say that "I would go in a year" but in my mind I was thinking that He must have meant a year from April. Then I found out that the DTS that we want to be in starts in September, a year from when the Lord told me. I asked the landlord and he said that there was no way we could do a shorter lease to September. He came back a month latter and said that "if that was what God was calling me to then we could go in September, but that we would need to pray that God leases this house quickly. Something we are more than happy to do.


Christmas Eve my five year old Selah was anxious for Santa to come and could not go to sleep. I went in to pray with her and as I did I asked her if she wanted to see where Santa clause was. She, of coarse said yes, so we typed in Santa tracker on my phone and sure enough, there he was in Holetown, Barbados coincidence? I don't think so.  




A quick thought came across my mind that wished I had some Barbados money. I didn't dwell on this thought or anything and couldn't remember if we had got any while we were there. The next day Zion brought me a five dollar Barbados bill and said that it was sitting on his seat in the car. I know that I we had washed the car and vacuumed it out several times since coming back from Barbados. I honestly don't know where it came from. Zion must have left it in his pants pocket after he showed it to us though, because Lisa opened the dryer and the  dollar bill fell out as well as a dime that landed next to it. Something that only my Mission Church friends would understand. 

These are only a few of the 30 something confirmations that God has given us, though they are some of my favorites. We know that God usually gives many and clear confirmations for a reason, because you are going to need it. Confirmations give you something to hold onto when times are tough and questions come up bringing doubt, once you make the decision to follow.  The last confirmation that I received came early one morning while in prayer. I asked God to give me one more verse and I immediately heard Psalms 32:8 and 9. I happened to read it in the Passion Translation.

 (Passion Translation) 8–9

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you,
instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life.
I will advise you along the way
and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide.
So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn
when I take you where you’ve not been before.
Don’t make me tug you and pull you along.
Just come with me!”

 I have been the like the stubborn horse and mule that this verse is talking about that has needed loud confirmation after confirmation and not the one following the guidance of watching His eye. I somehow feel that the Lord is finished giving confirmations for now and that the ball is in our court. Please pray for us as we began this transition, we know that it will not be a broad road. The DTS is six months and will require a couple of months of tight living quarters. The Barbados YWAM runs an IHOP type of ministry called CPR. Elisa and I would love to help with CPR and be located in the center of a region that God is calling us to. We need to go through the DTS to get familiar with and be able to minister at YWAM and possibly live on the island with a work or missionary visa some day if God allows. We are committing for 6 months for now and are not trying to get to ahed of ourselves or God. As we are planning for both Belize and the 3 Nations DTS, we feel a stirring in us that is similar to the winds of spring time! We appreciate all of the prayer and support that is given by  friends abroad and our local church which we are very much part of. Our journey is your journey when we all lock arms and keep our eyes on the King of Kings who rules over a mighty kingdom!

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